Hiking and Coding

Bruno Rijsman's explorations in the mountains and in networking software


This is the blog of Bruno Rijsman.

For the past 25 years I have been in several technical and leadership roles, working at network equipment vendors including Juniper Networks, Verivue (acquired by Akamai), and Lucent Technologies. See LinkedIn for details.

I am currently on an extended break from the corporate world to travel with my wife Tecla, to explore the remote corners of the world, and to go hiking and trekking in the most off-the-beaten track mountains that we can find.

While traveling, I continue to work on open source projects that I am passionate about and to study topics that I did not have time for before.

My current projects include:

  • Doing an open source implementation of the new Routing In Fat Trees (RIFT) routing protocol. See GitHub for details.
  • Learning about Quantum Computing and Quantum Networking in collaboration with QuTech in Delft.

This blogs describes some of my favorite treks and projects. So far, the hiking blogs vastly outnumber the coding blogs… funny how that works, eh?

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